New York, New York  2015

When Clive Wilkinson reached out to us to create a film about his latest project, his first words were striking: "I need you to make film that is not about the architecture."

GLG’s new 65,000 square-foot global headquarters overlooking Grand Central Terminal in New York City, is the future of the workplace. When we stepped off the elevators, we quickly realized how different this office environment was. And it wasn't just the immense amount of work setting options into which we were thrown, it was that they were all being used! You can feel the buzz of the office immediately.

And after talking to Wilkinson about this new way to work, called "Activity Based Working" (ABW), it's not just visually appealing, but it makes complete sense. ABW empowers employees by offering a wide range of choice in how and where they work. In traditional offices with designated desks, there is a daily desk vacancy rate of 40-60%. ABW moves this occupancy ratio up to around 80% and in so doing, saves 20% on capital and operational costs, as well as carbon footprint.

In this film, we hear various viewpoints about how ABW impacts the work environment at GLG. How technology enables the user, the psychology behind seating choice, how this new style of working helps achieve the company goals, and how, above all, the architectural design fosters all of this in an efficient and choreographed manner. So although we understood what Clive meant in our first phone call - in actuality, it is all about the architecture.