San Francisco, California  2011

Gensler’s sustainable design solution for San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2 presents a fresh overhaul in airport design by focusing on what is most important: people. And while the routine of traveling may be completely familiar, encountering SFO T2 while in transit is pleasantly unfamiliar.

Virgin America immediately saw potential to use this film as a marketing strategy to get people excited about traveling with them while using SFO T2. This creative foresight led to the development of a socially-advanced plan; the poetics of Spirit of Space’s film are linked to various site-specific incentives so that people can get excited about traveling through SFO T2 long before they arrive.  The design connects a vision of a better future to users. The film connects the airport to travelers. And Spirit of Space creates films to immediately connect people to architecture.  Get connected.

The second film shares the insights into the design process and the immense sensitivity to sustainability and to the city of San Francisco.  Capturing a behind the scenes look at the construction process, Spirit of Space visually reinforces the dedication to quality, highlighting the necessity of forging close relationships in the design-build approach.  It was played at the terminal’s opening reception.