Spirit of Space is a creative agency that uses digital media to celebrate and promote a greater awareness of designed environments for the architectural profession and beyond.

Spirit of Space believes that film is the most effective tool to communicate the value of design because film transcends time, space, language, and culture.  Offering professional services with those involved in the profession and education of architecture, Spirit of Space bridges professional architectural ideas with public understanding through the production of short films featuring finished works and the design process.

Society's understanding of architectural space is perhaps difficult to describe because understanding often takes shape when a subject is experiencing it.  The effects of spatial atmospheres within a specific design and the dialogue between both spatial expression and impression seem to only come about in a subjective, experiential way.

Spirit of Space attempts to reveal this exchange of activities and emotions within a space.  It is an investigation into what a space provides and means to its users. While experiencing and documenting various layers of a space, idiosyncrasies unfold and present themselves to the camera lens. The time devoted to capturing this interaction results, serendipitously, in a unique film.