Spirit of Space films seek to fully immerse the viewer in the real moment. We believe music is essential to this experience. We build soundscapes with the voices of design, new compositions stemming from the concept, and the sounds of the site - a bicyclist rolling over gravel, students gathering on a campus quad, water trickling through a downspout. The music of the design provides a brief and intense experience utterly suspended in time.

We want to have fun writing music together with every client. We value collaboration and insight into the design process and the musical minds of every artist and design director engaged in the project.

Composer Ryan “Pinnangles” Clark crafts emotional audible experiences that respond directly to the visualizations carefully created by the team.

"Although all music is experienced along a temporal axis, it should be possible to conceive it not only as a succession of sensory events but, at the same time, as surfaces and masses." (Xenakis, Gravesaner Bläter.)

For more information on compositions and licensing please contact Ryan directly at

If you are wondering where our scores come from here is a walk through the desert that led to Necktie Sands.