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Explore the design, structure, and approach to high rise developments such as City Hyde Park with architect and studio founder Jeanne Gang. 

Located at the heart of the burgeoning Santa Fe Railyard, SITE’s building expansion designed by SHoP Architects will continue to lead the next phase of an already active and dynamic public space.
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On Location capturing the sights and sounds of Nashville

San Rafael, California 

Harry Winters dreamed of designing and building his own house. And, not any house: a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house. In 1953, Harry wrote to FLW who referred him to Aaron Green, his representative in San Francisco, but the only house Harry could afford was the size of a "chicken coop." So, he decided to try his hand at designing his own house. Harry was living in a rented home where a neighbor introduced him to Mary Joy Barnett, a FLW student, who designed his house as her "final exam," adhering to strict FLW principles. Whenever Harry offered design changes, she said, "FLW would never do that.”

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We believe in your story, and we do not limit how it is told. Our films have been adapted to communicate:

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Architect Jeanne Gang worked with Spirit of Space to develop a complete video presentation for her TED Talk in 2016.