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The National Memorial for Peace and Justice [above] Perhaps the greatest joy in our work is how you never quite know what will happen when you hit that record button. While having the profound privilege to document the brilliant memorial nature took over and brought the most serendipitous weather for such an emotional work of architecture.

- Director Adam Goss

Interview with Kengo Kuma, V&A Dundee in Scotland, 2018

Holy See Vatican Chapels, Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

Princeton University’s new Arts Center is not a place where you get a degree but instead a place where arts are a dedication and choice. As former architecture students we wondered what would have happened to us if we had a place like this to take a studio break for ballet. The building fully embraces the solo and ensemble in three unique towers that merge under the transparent pool in the central plaza. The materials become your guide through a maze of stairs and inclines. In this place you can get lost in your ideas, emotion, and passion. And Spirit of Space believes we all need places like this in our lives.

Dimensions of Citizenship
The US Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, explores seven spatial scales: Citizen, Civitas, Region, Nation, Globe, Network, and Cosmos. These scales, telescoping from body to city to heavens, broadly position citizenship as a critical global topic.

Spirit of Space directed a digital version of the exhbition that explores the visions of the curatorial team. The project includes one full length feature and shorts for every project in the Pavilion.

Are Forever

We believe in your story, and we do not limit how it is told. Our films have been adapted to communicate:

Firm History & Culture
Project Completion & Press
Business Development
Film Festivals
Social Media

Architect Jeanne Gang worked with Spirit of Space to develop a complete video presentation for her TED Talk in 2016.